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A bustling metropolis, Tokyo is one of the most exciting destinations for wild parties and unique party experiences in the world.

Tokyo offers a rich variety of nightlife, cultural, history, arts and entertainment it’s one of the top choices for a Bachelors and Stag

weekend in Tokyo, Japan. With Inside VVIP, we boast a plethora of party options for your Bucks and Hens parties in famous districts of

Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku and the infamous Kabukicho. For daytime activities, we have tours to Mount Fuji, Tsukiji Fish Market

and other options such as Mario Kart street racing and Tokyo Pub Crawls with our models! Who knows whose hand you’ll be holding

on the famous Shibuya crossing with Inside VVIP. Tokyo awaits your arrival in the land of the rising sun!

Some of the party options we have in Tokyo include: 

  1. Stretch Limousine Tours & Transfers
  2. Nightclub & Rooftop Lounge Parties
  3. Luxury Yacht Parties
  4. Hotel Suite Parties
  5. Naked Sushi Dinners
  6. Dinner Parties with International Models
  7. Karaoke & Strip Club Parties
  8. Hostess & Host Club Parties
  9. Activities such as Pub Crawls, Mount Fuji & Tsukiji Fish Market Tours, Dinner with Geishas, Mario Kart Street Racing and more!

Excited with the options? Don’t blink, book your next Bachelors, Hens, Birthday or Corporate Party in Tokyo with Inside VVIP ; drop

us an email today at tokyo@insidevvip.com

Our new website will be launched sometime in May 2018 where we will officially launch Tokyo on our website.

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Ho Chi Minh City also known as Saigon, the most populated city in Vietnam offers a plethora of exciting party options. Visitors will find hip and trendy bars and Luxury Nightclubs centred around District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City. In Distric 3, visitors will find many backpacker type bars and great street foods. So whatever the party plan, there’s an option here for everyone. With Inside VVIP, we have you covered at all the best spots so you can enjoy your Vietnam Stag, Hens Party, Birthday or Corporate Party in Saigon with the finest VIP concierge service in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh nightlife leads you in the most relaxing and stylish clubs and bars of the city. The town is awash with many Nightclubs and Rooftop Bars such as Glow and Chill Sky Bar.

With Inside VVIP , you can plan your parties and even get your Bachelor Party Ideas and Stag Party ideas to enjoy in Ho Chi Minh.

Some of the Ho Chi Minh Party Packages Inside VVIP offers include:

1. Luxury Nightclub & Rooftop Club Packages –  As we lead you to the finest Luxury Clubs of Saigon, be enthralled by the best music and dj’s thumping your favourite music as you gyrate on the dance floor with the Hottest Party Girls of Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Ho Chi Minh Villa Parties  – A short drive from District 1, we leave you spellbound by our gorgeous Beach Front Luxury Villas. A perfect idea for a Bachelors and Stag Party in Ho Chi Minh. Spend the party weekend in Ho Chi Minh with your best friends with copious amounts of alcohol as you dance and drink the night away with the Hottest Party Girls and Male Models in Ho Chi Minh as your celebrate your special occasion with Inside VVIP

3. Saigon Soul Pool Parties – A crowd favourite and held from November to May each year, Saigon Pool Parties is a must visit venue every Saturday of the month. Here you will mingle with locals and expats while drinking $5 dollar beers! Make the afternoon more exciting and engage the No.1 VIP concierge service Inside VVIP to reserve Day Beds and Tables with the most gorgeous bikini-clad party girls by your side. This is the best Vietnam Stag Party option in Ho Chi Minh City.

4. Limousine Tours in Ho Chi Minh – Be chauffeur driven in your private exclusive stretch limousine in Ho Chi Minh as you navigate the streets of Saigon with your best buds. A great pre-drink option onboard the limousine for your Vietnam Hens or Bachelorette Party in Ho Chi Minh City.

5. KTV & Hotel Suite Party Ho Chi Minh – If visitors would like a more private setting for their Vietnam Bachelors or Stag Party, Vietnam Bachelorette or Hens Party, Vietnam Birthday or Corporate Party, then clients can consider a VIP KTV Package or Hotel Suite Party Package with Inside VVIP . An intimate setting with Hot Party Girls and Male Models might be the perfect ice breaker on a Corporate Deal and its one of our popular options in Ho Chi Minh City.

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We look forward to hosting you in Ho Chi Minh City or in one of our other cities!

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Ho Chi Minh

Indonesia’s sprawling island, Bali is a perfect place for nature charmers and spiritual lovers. Bali is not a place, in fact, it is a mood or in another way, a tropic state of mind.

Decades of tourism haven’t affected Bali’s deep-seated spirituality and culture. Bali encapsulates its fair share of tourists demanding amazing culture, many adventurous sports, happening spots and peaceful places.

You could be among the many who need a break from the city life or a hectic dayjob and wish to catch a plan bound for Bali for a relaxing holiday with your friends and best mates. You may have just found the ideal party service providers in Inside VVIP to take the hassle and stress from planning the best party weekend in Bali.

If you are looking for a place that can offer you both fun and peace at the same time then there’s no better place than Bali for having the most unforgettable partying experience. From lively Nightclubs such as Mirror and Jenja to Famous Beach Clubs such as Potato Head, Finns and Kudeta, theres an option for everyone in the Indonesian archipelago.

Whether you are looking for a Bali Stag PartyBali Bucks PartyBali Hens PartyBali Birthday or Corporate Party, the most beautiful island of Indonesia is the perfect party destination. If you are seeking an amazing party experience and the most happening spots in Bali, you need to contact the professionals, the professional party service providers; Inside VVIP.

Inside VVIP has a bunch of packages to choose from such as Bali Luxury Villa Party and Bali Luxury Yacht Parties, Bali Beach Club Parties, Bali Nightclub and Rooftop Clubs parties at venues such as Double Six and Rocks Bar. Get the perfect party idea for your BucksHensBirthday and Corporate Parties from Inside VVIP!

Wait but there is more to experience in Bali with Inside VVIP, like:

1. Bali Spa Treatment– Whether you are looking for the royal treatment or an easy rub-down, Bali’s spa options seems certainly infinite. With Inside VVIP, you could easily craft a complete itinerary around day spas, finding yourself in flower petal baths and greased in Moroccan oils, there are a variety of options with Inside VVIP Partner Spas! A great Hens and Bachelorette party idea in Bali! Do plan ahead as many of the best day spas are booked well in advance.

2. Finns, KuDeTa and Potato Head Beach Clubs in Bali – Whether you are looking for legendary rooftop bar or a beachfront party experience, Ku De Ta and Potato Head lounges on Seminyak beach would fulfil all your desires. A great sunset venue with a remarkable cocktail list and delicious food are what these two classy places offer. So, plan ahead with Inside VVIP and enjoy the party to a completely different level with Internationla Models and Party Girls cause who doesn’t want to be surrounded by the most beautiful babes at these venues!

3. Bali Yacht Parties – Bali is pure bliss when it comes to enjoying a party on high seas. Sipping a cocktail while enjoying late night dance sessions is maybe what you always wished for. Hence, enjoy a cheeky tipple with irresistible Inside VVIP’s pick of best packages. This is a great option to enjoy a Bachelorette Party or Bucks Party in Bali.

4. Bali Villa Parties – Home to thousands of Luxury Villas, a trip to Bali is not complete without a stay at one of Inside VVIP Villa’s. Amidst gorgeous backdrops and palm trees, soak up a Bali Villa Party with a buffet spread, Fire and Belly Dancers, loud music, great looking models and party girls and dance away under the moonlight and call out to sunrise in your Luxury Villas in Bali.

5. VIP Party Service Bali – Bali has attracted travellers in-the-know for years with its hip hotels, cool stag parties, VIP spa treatment in upmarket hotels and late night club parties. So avail all the VIP services and get oriented with the VVIP guide to living it up in the most beautiful and coolest island, The Island of the Gods, BALI !

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We look forward to hosting you in Bali or in one of our other cities!

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Ideas for Bachelors Party in Hong Kong

When you are planning a Bachelor’s Party in Hong Kong, you definitely want an experience that is simply the best and second to none. Hong Kong is one of the best locations for any party theme you can imagine. Whether you are planning a Birthday Party in Hong Kong or a Corporate Party in Hong Kong, you need a reliable party service provider that can let you and your friends enjoy to the party while the VIP Party Experts at Inside VVIP take care of all the logistics and preparations for the party.

Hong Kong is a perfect location for your parties because Hong Kong Nightlife is simply the best. The best theme of a party to enjoy in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Stag Party. Hong Kong has much to offer when you are planning something with your friends. Whether it is a Bachelors or Stag Party or a Hens or Bachelorette Party in Hong Kong, we have plenty of ideas for you to choose from of which some are:

  • Nightclubs & Rooftop Clubs Hong Kong – You can also enjoy your Stag Party at a Nightclub or Rooftop Club overlooking the financial centre of Hong Kong. With VIP Tables and Bottle Service, you can avail one of the many Nightclub or Rooftop Club Party Packages of Inside VVIP that offers unique experiences such as Stunning Party Girls and Paparazzi to add class your party experience. Imagine walking into the clubs with your best mates and gorgeous ladies of Inside VVIP. If you are looking to make a statement, than nothing compares to the experience offered by Inside VVIP.
  • Junk Boat Party Hong Kong – The best party idea for a Bachelors Party is the Junk Boat Party in Hong Kong. Fancy cruising along the Victoria Harbour at your Stag Party with your best mates and Party Girls and Models in the beautiful blue sea? It is simply a great idea! In Hong Kong, you can customise a package with which you can plan a Stag Party on a boat. This is an idea that will let leave your friends spellbound and thankful for a lifelong experience! Bucket List Check! Junk Boat Party Hong Kong
  • Pool Party Hong Kong – With the pleasant weather in Hong Kong, it would be an awesome idea to enjoy a Pool Party at the W Hotel. When you are planning a Pool Stag Party or Bachelors Party with Inside VVIP, you will definitely enjoy the Celebrity Party Experience offered by Inside VVIP.

Pool Party

  • Hotel Suite – Another party idea for a Bachelors or Bachelorette Party would be a Hotel Suite Party in Hong Kong. With views of the Harbour, enjoy a Luxury Hotel Suite Party on your Hens Party in Hong Kong. Be a little more daring and call in a few strippers and models to make the evening even more enjoyable.

Visit our website to book your upcoming party in Hong Kong with Inside VVIP.

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Hong Kong